Protection - Ziebart Lebanon


Inner Guard®
This service includes all the benefits of Inner Clean plus the application of Ziebart Fabric Protector, an exclusive formula that penetrates individual fabric fibres keeping dirt on the surface, making it easy to clean and preserving the colour and texture of the car’s interior. All the leather surfaces are treated with Ziebart’s leather conditioner softening the leather and extending its life.

Protect A Shine®
This service includes all the benefits of Renu A Shine® plus the application of Ziebart’s Ultra Paint Sealant to lock in the new car lustre and shine, and to help protect the paint from ultraviolet rays, abrasive particles and airborne pollutants.

Diamond Gloss®
Diamond Gloss® is a new proprietary technology for automotive finishes that uses space-age technology to seal and protect the vehicle paint keeping the vehicle looking showroom new and protecting it from damaging UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain and other harmful elements. With Diamond Gloss® the vehicle’s new car paint never dulls and never needs waxing. This service also includes Z-Clear® water-repellent automotive glass treatment, as well as cosmetic engine detailing.

Ceramic Z-Gloss®
Ceramic Z-Gloss® utilizes Ziebart’s nearly 60 years of experience in developing and producing automotive protective coatings for unmatched protection for your vehicle.

Providing a strong, ceramic protective layer with enhanced gloss characteristics, Ceramic Z-Gloss locks that gorgeous shine into your vehicle. Not only will the shine be amazing, but the protection you’ll get for your vehicle’s paint is unmatched. That’s all thanks to the three layered coating available only with our new Z-Gloss.

We’re talking about an impact resistant, chemical resistant, acid rain resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant, temperature resistant, high gloss finish that will have your vehicle looking newer than new. Not only that, but we guarantee the gloss won’t fade for two years and it will require ZERO waxing for just as long. This product comes with a two year, limited warranty with no maintenance required.

The benefits are extraordinary.

Be the envy of other vehicle owners.

All our protection services includes Ziebart’s annual reprocessing for the vehicle for almost half the original price and for as long as you own the vehicle.