Ziebart, the world’s leading car care company, is exclusively dedicated to renewing, enhancing and protecting a vehicle’s appearance and value. Ziebart has been transforming “good looking” cars to “great looking” ones for over 50 years. The company enjoys a network of over 400 branches in over 30 countries. Our trained professional technicians use state of the art equipment, proprietary top quality chemicals, and application procedures that have been perfected over the years – making Ziebart the only name you can trust for complete car care. As the world’s number one car care company we have issued over 20 million annually renewable lifetime warranties to satisfied clients around the world, over the last fifty years. In Lebanon and Jordan the Ziebart Team has processed over 50,000 vehicles over the past ten years, while introducing for the first time, car care warranties, protection services, premium heat rejecting window-tints, Z-Shield and unparalleled standards of service.

Over 50 years of worldwide operations

Ziebart’s inspiring service has been present across the world for quite some time, constantly fighting the war against dirty and unmanaged cars.

Exclusive Proprietary Materials

Every product we use to make your car stronger, better and cleaner is made entirely by us, from polishes to leather repair.

Internationally Trained Teams

The provision of a perfectly refurbished and minty fresh car can only be brought about by our set of trained and intelligent teams.

800 Locations in 32 Countries

From North America to the Middle East, it’s hard to find a place where Ziebart’s clean hands have not touched.

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    Ziebart car wrapping will take your ride from factory to fantastic! Looking for a change? You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. Forget the factory paint and try something different. Set yourself apart with a complete color change, carbon fiber accents, matte finish or racing stripes. For over half a century, Ziebart has been …

  • Z-Shield

    TRANSPARENT PAINT PROTECTION FILM We understand that nothing hurts more than that first scratch on your vehicle. Avoid the heartache by protecting your ride with our rugged and nearly invisible Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film! If you want to keep your car or truck safe on the road, Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is a must. Ziebart’s Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film helps defend vulnerable …

  • Window Tint

    ZIEBART IS THE WORLD’S LARGEST INSTALLER OF AUTOMOTIVE WINDOW TINT. When it comes to high quality window tint, there’s Ziebart window tint and then there’s everyone else. With so many amateurs and inexperienced shops offering services like window tint, finding a quality window tint provider can be difficult. With decades of experience helping car and truck owners protect their vehicles, Ziebart should …

  • Protection

    Inner Guard® This service includes all the benefits of Inner Clean plus the application of Ziebart Fabric Protector, an exclusive formula that penetrates individual fabric fibres keeping dirt on the surface, making it easy to clean and preserving the colour and texture of the car’s interior. All the leather surfaces are treated with Ziebart’s leather conditioner …